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4ad, ac30, air formation, airiel, alcian blue, all natural lemon&lime flavors, amusement parks on fire, asobi seksu, autolux, bowery electric, catherine wheel, ceremony, chapterhouse, cocteau twins, creation records, destroyalldreamers, effects pedals, experimental aircraft, galaxie 500, getting lost in reverb, highspire, ifwhen, jesus & mary chain, july skies, kevin shields, lanterna, lenola, loveless, lovesliescrushing, lush, mira, mojave 3, my bloody valentine, noise rock, projekt records, reverb, ride, robin guthrie, scarling., serena maneesh, seven percent solution, shoegaze, shoegazer rock, sianspheric, sing-sing, skywave, slowdive, space rock, spacemen 3, spiritualized, starflyer 59, stellarscope, swervedriver, the feeling good conspiracy, the vera violets, thee heavenly music association, walls of soundfest
we love shoegaze.
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